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Founded in 2014, PROACTIVE Tools, LLC specializes in developing custom database applications for small and large businesses.

Our developers are experienced in developing right-sized hardware and software solutions that are reliable and cost-effective. Our database design techniques incorporate cutting-edge advances in database technology, making use of the strengths of relational and object-oriented databases to build high-performance multi-user systems. Our company takes user interface design very seriously; our programs identify the roles played by particular users and customize the user experience according to their specific information needs. We remove confusing onscreen clutter and take an activity-based approach to user interfaces. These techniques require detailed analysis of the intended users’ workflow and communications. Our goal is to build intuitive, simple interfaces for systems with complex interactions. We are proud of our heritage and our corporate culture. We emphasize principles of community action, respect, and teamwork. We honor our customers by making them part of our family.

1817 Havercamp

Las Vegas, NV 89117

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Phone: 702-655-3570